Spring Cleaning

Thinking of selling your house or just want to de-clutter your home and spruce it up for Spring? Here are a few ideas and great websites that offer some wonderful things you can do. If you are selling keep in mind that one option, rather than throwing things out or trying to sell or recycle, is to rent a storage unit to store things in until you move. The buyer wants to see the house, not the things in it that you think are lovely! Leave just enough furniture and accessories to look nice but not overcrowded. Be bold when it comes to clothing and similar items – if you haven’t worn it in a year it probably could go. If you haven’t camped in ten years you may want to sell that camping equipment to someone who will use it. Invite family and friends to help de-clutter and clean and then help them with their places – this is more fun and can culminate in a dinner party afterwards! After cleaning consider changing looks for spring and summer by simply adding different pillows or bedspreads or accessories.



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